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Ultimate guide to unbrick micromax a35

Today I’m telling you about how to unbrick your mmx a35 .

Are you trying to install any new rom or trying to flash any zip file to your rooted mmx a35 but after flashing your phone stuck at bolt logo?? Then your phone are bricked. every time you open your phone it will show only bolt logo.


Now the question is how to solve this problem ?


There are many methods  available to solve this problem but I’m going to tell you a simple method by which you can unbrick your cell phone.


Requirements to unbrick mmx a35

1:- You must have a pc

2:- A bricked mobile to which you want to unbrick.

3:- A pc software called android multitool .

4:- A rom backup of stock rom or any other rom

5:- Boot.img  and recovery.img

6:- Phone driver must be installed in your pc.

Now all things you have that are required for unbrick the mobile.  So i think you are ready for unbrick your phone . Now you just to follow all the steps carefully.

First step for unbrick

1:- Install driver of mmx a35 in your phone.

2:- Open android multi tool folder and paste boot.img and recovery.img in that folder.

3:- Put any rom backup in your Sd card and put that sd card in your phone.

Now the main step left . If you have done all the process currectly then you are ready to go for next step. Don’t think any thing let’s do it.

Step to unbrick mmx a35


1:- First of all open your phone in fastboot mode for this press and hold volume down and power button at same time for 30-60 seconds and your phone will open in fastboot mode. Fastboot will see on the screen in red color.

2:- connect your phone to pc throw data cable.

3:- Open Android multitool software in your pc .

4:- First of all you need to check your phone connected to pc or not for this type 7 and hit enter.

It will show you all fastboot mode  connected device to your pc in numbers.

If it don’t show anything it means you don’t have installed driver currently or your data cable is not supported by phone.


5:- If your phone is connected to pc then press 0 and hit enter , adb command promot will open.

6:- Now you just need to flash boot image in recovery partition and recovery image in boot partition by typing these commands there.

First type


fastboot flash recovery boot.img


And hit enter it takes some time to process when it complete then type


fastboot flash boot recovery.img

And hit enter , it also take some time when this process completed you just need to type


fastboot reboot


And hit enter.

After following these steps your phone will open in recovery mode. Now you can flash any rom backup or stock rom backup.

How to restore backup of any rom

Now use volume up and down to move cursor up and down and power button for ok or select.

1:- go to back up and restore

2:- select restore

3:and select your rom’s backup and install that.

After installing rom your phone will open and you can use your phone normally.

So after doing every process your phone will be unbrick and you can use this process every time when your phone will stuck at boot logo.


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