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Ultimate guide on How to increase ram of any android phone (root required)

How to increase ram of any android cell phone

       Today in the present android has become  a famous O.S. for phones. There are many android phones  available in the market . Many of them have low internal memory and ram  .basically there are 120-250 MB ram in low memory phones, that are not sufficient to run many apps at a time or to play HD game in their android .

If you have a low memory android phone and want to increase it then you have to root your cell phone.

Today I will  tell you about how you can increase ram of any android device and by increasing ram you can play HD games and run many more apps that required more memory to run . so lets see how you can do it.

I am posting this article by requesting my friend tarun dhiman and akash tyagi


  1. your phone must be rooted.
  2. you should have a high-speed Sd card (memory card).
  3. you should have swap it extender app download it from play Or click here store.
  4. some knowledge of using app.

how to use swap it extender

Using swap-it extender is not a big task it just required some knowledge of English.
first of all download swap it extender and install it to your cell phone.
 Open it there will be two language option just select English and click on OK.
after click on OK swap it extender menu will be open .
first of all mark on automatic connect of boot, then put the amount of ram you want to increase from your SD card , I recommend it to 1024mb (1 gb). and then put 100 in swapness .
after doing this just mark on swap or first option .
it will take a while to complete just wait for 5-10 minute when it complete it will show you your SD card speed like 6mbps or anything else .
that’s it you have successfully done it.
you can check your ram below on app Manu.

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