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Ultimate guide on how to increase internal memory of android (rooted) complete guide

How many apps you have installed in your android device it basically depends on the internal storage of your device . However a high ended device never think about device storage and install many apps at a time , but a person who have low-end storage device always think about it and install only all necessary apps .  But do not worry now I will tell you how you increase internal storage of your device.

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Requirements for increasing memory

There are some tools required of it as below

1- need a high quality sd card. 2- a card reader. 3- a pc 4- a phone to which you want to increase memory

Now here is the main thing that your sd card must have partitioned so that it can be linked to phone memory.

How to make partition of your sd card

To make of your sd card is not a big deal just fellow all the steps care fully.

1-  First of all you need to download mini tool partition wizard from here.
Install that tool in your pc and open it
2- put your sd card in card reader and connect to pc.
3- please make a backup of your sd card into your pc because in this process you need to delete all the data of your sd card.
4- after backing up your sd card data open mini-tool.
5- there you will see all the partition of your pc and sd card.
6- right-click on sd card and delete them.
7- after memory will be deleted just again right-click on that and click on create .
8- a new window will be open , where you need to select the partition type just select ext2 (most device support) or any other like ext3 or fat32 according to your device.

You need to put partition size too. I will recommend you to put 1024 mb if you have 4-8 gb memory card. And select partition type as primary. Please note that you need to select as partition in both then click on ok.

If it show any warning then just click on ok or yes.
It will take some time to crease partition so just wait . When it will be completed you will see two partition of your sd card.

Alternative method

There is an alternative method to partition of your sd card by your phone.
For it  just open your phone in recovery mode and select advance.
There will be one option of partition sd card select that and in next step select memory size according to your sd card like if you have 2gb sd card then put 512 mb or if you have 4gb sd card then select or put 1024 mb and put 0 in sharpness.   Click ok and your sd card will have 2 partition now .

How to increase internal memory

Now the main process left . You have successfully partition of your sd card if you follow all the steps. You here is the main process of this work.
1- goto play store and search for Link2sd and download it.
2- after downloading install it and open.
3- when you open it , it will ask you to select memory type as ext 1, ext 2′ ext 3 or fat 32. Just select the type which you made in the sd card partition . As we made it as ext2 so we select it as ext 2 and click on ok.
Now it required to reboot your phone just reboot it now.
4- after rebooting your phone if it’s not showing any error it means you have successfully linked your sd card as internal memory.
5- now go to the setting of link2sd and check on automatic connect on boot  (to connect  automatically connect all apps on boot) .
Now check on connect automatically  when any app installed.
6- if you have any app installed in your sd card and want to make that in sd card  then  click on that app and click on create link and then click on ok.
That’s all done.

Now you have successfully increase internal  memory of your phone you can check it by click on memory status in link2sd.

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