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Ultimate guide on How to calibrate the battery of any android phone or tablet

Battery is the most important part of your android phone, if the talk time of your battery is low then you will hate your phone. When you buy a new phone the talk time of battery is very high as mention on the booklet of the phone ,but when you use the phone for some months the talk time of battery decreases. Today I will tell you how you can fix this problem and use your phone for long time.

What is battery calibration

Battery calibration is a method by which you can wipe or restore the status of battery of your android phone. Every android phone have a function called battery status , as you use your phone always but some time battery status script is corrupted and your phone gets low immediately or gets shut down even it is charged.

One another thing that you need to calibrate your battery is that when you install any ROM or kernel in your android phone , your phone have some previous data or another phone data in his battery status so your battery gets decrease very fastly then you need to calibrate it. I personally recommended to calibrate your battery after installing any ROM or kernel ,it will help your battery to have a fresh battery status , so that it can work fine.

How to calibrate battery for non rooted

If you do not rooted your phone then this method is only for you.

First of all you need to download this app from play store. This app will show you the capacity of your battery in mah.¬† Just fully charged your phone till the app don’t show it full. That’s it you have done it.

There is a another method of calibrating the phone. For this you need to use your phone until it get’s shut down your self. When it shut down just charge your phone full continuously , when it gets fully charged switch on your phone and then again charge it till it’s get full. When it show 100% just reboot your phone and enjoy .

How to calibrate your phone for rooted

If you have rooted your phone then this method are for you

  1. For calibrating a rooted phone you need to download this app called battery calibration. Download it and install it.
    After install it just open the app and charge your phone until it show you full charged , when it show you full charged then click in calibrate . This app will calibrate your phone now just switch off your phone and charge it full without removing the plugin until it get’s full.
    When it fully charge remove the charge and enjoy.
  2. There is a another method by which you can calibrate your phone for is just turn on your phone in recovery mode and go to in advance. In advance you will see wipe battery status just click on that and your phone will get calibrate.
    If you are expert or know all functions of rooting then you can it manually by going ex file explorer and device storage go to data and find their battery-status file and delete them .

After applying these methods you will definitely calibrate your phone.
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