Complete Rooting Gudie:-

Android has become a most popular operating system because it has a lot of features and applications. Today there are a lot of mobile companies that are releasing low and
high quality android phones. let’s discuss on android:-

what is android ?

Android is a Linux based and open source operating system developed by Google Inc. (In Corporation) . The source of android are available for free to download by google
so anybody can download it and can make their own phone or O.S. You can also customize it according to your use . The one feature by which you can customise any android
device called “ROOT“.

What Is Rooting ?

Rooting is the process  to unlock all the features for developing or modify the android O.S.  It give you full  control to your device .After rooting you can do anything
you want with your device.

Advantages Of Rooting:-

1. You can delete any system applications or can make any application as system application .
2. You can install any custom Rom.
3. You can install any custom Kernel.
4. You can increase the Internal memory of the device.
5. You can increase the Ram of the device.
6. You can install custom Recovery image.
7. You can change the speed of CPU.

There are many more features that you can do after the rooting. You can change everything you want. There are so many advantages of rooting
but there also some disadvantages too.

Disadvantages of rooting:-

1. Your device warranty will get finished    .
2. Your device can be brick or dead.

How To ROOT Your Device:-

There are a lot of devices so rooting process are different for each device. You can check Our Rooting guide from here. There are two method to
Root your device first rooting your device with pc and second is rooting device by device. In the both process your phone need to have minimum
70% battery charged.

How To Increase Ram And Rom-

After rooting your device , the first thing is to increase the internal memory and Ram of your phone. This is necessary if your device
have a low internal memory to increase the ram and Rom . after doing this your phone will work fast and smooth without any lag.

How To Install custom Rom and Kernel:-

Generally people root their phone to install custom kernel and Rom so that they can enjoy different user interface and performance. And it can
be do just by installing custom roms and kernels. I wrote a guide on it so that you can install any rom and kernel easily .
Every developer who develop rom also post how to install that rom and you have to follow them . If can not follow them , your phone
can be brick or dead. So install roms and kernels carefully .


How To Calibrate Your Phone Or Tablet:-

When You install any  rom or kernel you need to calibrate your phone because when you install any rom it has some files in the rom that can effect on the talktime of the battery . so you need to calibrate your phone after you install any rom. I wrote a guide on how to calibrate your phone , just check it and calibrate your phone.


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