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How to use nmd vpn in pc

Hello guys…
         Many of my friends asked me to how to use nmd vpn software in our computer, so today am posting this artical to tell you about nmd vpn.
#1 what is nmd vpn
Nmd vpn is a computer software that allow the users to use their own configuration file it their pc. It’s a application by which we can change our computer ip-address on internet ,so that no body can trace our location by internet.
#2 What is configuration file
     Configuration file is a collection of codes provided by many sites like etc. It contains the description of changing the ip address or use other like company ip address on the internet by configuration we can use free internet with various service provider just by doing some editing in it.
#3 how to use nmd vpn
For using nmd vpn first of all you need to download this software , and install it in your pc .as i discribed below that for using nmd vpn you must have a configuration file so first download a configuration file that will be in zip or rar extension

 just extract that file by using 7zipper or winrar . When you extract that file you wil get some files in .ovpn formet and one or more text file

 just copy of them .
   Now go to this root c:/program files / nmd vpn / config and paste them here.

After pasting go back on desktop and right click on nmd icon that are displaying on desktop and select run as administration then it will ask you for admin permission click on yes, when you click on yes you will see an icon of red colour on the right coner , right click on that icon and select any file and click on connect.

After some time your vpn file will be connected.
when vpn is connected you will see tha t th e vpn icon colour will be of green colour. now you can enjoy free net.
Please note that it takes only few seconds to connect so if you dont connect in few seconds just check your configuration file.
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