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How to use google Search without internet (Using Sms)

Hello dear Readers…!
   Today I’m going to tell you a new and mostly used trick.  This trick is about “HOW TO USE GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE WITHOUT INTERNET” .
         Google is the famious search engine now a days. If you want to find any thing like definition, direction, or any thing else you will normally use google.
         Google provide us many features and search throw sms is one of them. This feature are working from a long time but many peoples are not know about. It. So I want to share this with my readers so that they can use this feature.

Advantages Of This Features

    There are many advantages of this feature like if you are in a big city and you need the direction for any place and you don’t have gprs enable phone or don’t have internet then you can get that throw sms. You can also get the definitation of any word very fastly or there are most of uses of it.

Requirement For This

You must have a cell phone and any network Sim . Basically google don’t make  charge for search but your network provider will charge for sms as your sms charge. You can use sms pack for this.

How to use Google Search throw Sms

Just type your search query and send it   to 9773300000 (India) or
466453 (US). You will get your search result throw sms

NOTE :- Letters in Bold are Search Keywords and Letters
in Normal Italic are your search terms.

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