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How to Unlock android pattern lock or security lock

Today everyone has an android cell phone because it have a lot of features. Many users use pattern lock or
security lock to secure their android cell phone to others. But some time we forget our security code or pattern
lock or we try too many time to unlock their cell phone, as everyone know that we can try atleast five time to
unlock their pattern lock , if you try after that our phone get locked and you can’t open it. So there are some methods
by which you can Unlock Android Pattern Lock .

How To Unlock Android Pattern Lock

1- When you open your cell it will ask you  for your google account, just enter your google account that you are using in your android cell phone. Your phone will get unlock.

2- In Some situation our data connection is off, or we are not using internet then there is an option of emergency call when you open your cell phone.
just click on emergency call and try to open your notification baar by which you can open your data connection then
enter your google account.

3- Try to restore your cell phone
For this just open your cell phone by pressing or holding volumn + and power on button there will open a menu,
just find the option of reset setting and do it, your phone will be unlock but you lost all the data from your
cell phone
4- Try to restore by your computer or laptop, for this you should have “android multi tool” in your pc if you
don’t have this just download it from Google.
After downloading open your phone in fast-boot mode, and connect your cell with pc by USB cable ,open android
multi-tool and press 7-8 to restore your cell phone in fast-boot mode ” for fast-boot mode search this on Google”
That’s it.
5- Make a call from another cell phone to your locked cell phone, pick up it and you can open your android notification bar, it is useful when data connection is off of your cell. I’m sure you will unlock your android cell phone by these methods.
If you are facing any problem just comment here I will solve them.
Thank you.

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