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How To Unblock Yourself On Whats App

Hello dear readers…!

      Whats app:- I think everyone , who have android, know the whats app. Whats app is a social networking app by which you can chat with your friends and can  share audio , videos and photos.

         Someone blocked you on whats app.
If someone blocked you on whats app then you can’t send him messages and can’t see his last login time then what to do. Don’t warry dear friends today i will tell you one method by which you unblock your self .

NOTE:- please note that this method may not work with the latest version of whats app, if you are using old version then you can give a try to it.

How to unblock yourself on whats app:-

1- First open your whats app messanger.

2- press option buttion of your phone and goto in your whats app profile.

3- Then delete your whats app account.

4- Put your Number that you are using for whats app and click ok.

5- Now uninstall whats app and reboot your phone.

6- Go to play store and download whats app again.

7- Register your number and you have successfully unblock yourself.

NOTE:- When you delete your account you will automatically removed from all the groups.

Then send message to whom, who block you and make them surprised.

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