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How to Trace the Location of your Facebook friend

Your friend are telling a lie to you that he/she is out of country , you are going to meet a persion that are your facebook friend or do you want to know the right location of your facebook friend while chatting ??????????

       Don’t warry today I’m going to tell you how you can locate the location of your Facebook friends.

How to trace the location

First of all send a sms to your friend to which you want to trace the location say him/her hiii or anything
Else . When you send a message to your friend he/she will make you reply.

First step of tracking

  While your friend making the reply you need to open the command promot (cmd, ms dos).
        Click on start button then select all programs select accessories and select command promot.
you can also open it by clicking on run and type cmd and hit enter.

Second step of tracking

In Command Prompt, type netstat -a or if you
are using any messanger to chat then use
netstat -nbt and hit enter.
After that command prompt will
show you all your computer’s IP Addresse and
Receiver IP Address.

You can check your modem, router properties
to get your IP Address thus, the other IP
Address  in command promot is your friend’s IP Address. Just  Note
down your friend’s IP Address .

Tracking Location of Your Friend

After getting your friend’s IP Address go to here


Click here

There you need to
fill your friend’s IP
Address and it will show your friend’s
Geographic location.
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