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How to root any android device or tablet

Do you have any android phone or tablet and  bored from its old interface themes , performance and speed and want to make it according to your requirement, than rooting will help you to do this .

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What is rooting

Rooting is a method of unlocking  all the system directories, rooting give you full permission to do anything what you want.
You will be the owner or administer of your cell phone and can do any thing that you want to do with it.

Advantages of rooting

There are many advantages of rooting, as I mentioned above that you can do anything you want to do after rooting.
After rooting you can install or uninstall any system app, you can install any custom rom and kernels, you can increase ram and internal memory of your android device.
You can improve the performance of your device and also increase the talk time and life of your android phone battery..  you can do anything that you want to do….

Disadvantages of rooting

As I mention that rooting has many advantages but it also have some disadvantages to.
When you will root your device you will lost the warranty of your cell phone.
Yeah you hear right root will lost your phone warranty. There may be a security issue . And there are many chances of breaking your device if you done any wrong work like if you install any unsupported rom or kernel then your phone will be brink.

How to root android

Before you are going to root your device you must know all the required tools for it.
1- you must have Pc or laptop.
2-you must have original usb data cable of your phone.
3-your phone battery must be 70+.
4- device driver must have installed in your pc or laptop.
5-you need to active usb debugging mode by going setting in your android device and by going in development option.
6- you have some knowledge of rooting or take help of someone who are expert in rooting.
7- you need one rooting tool to root your device generally
Superroot, srs root unlockroot, vroot
Are used for rooting you can download any tool that you want or according to your device support.
I am telling you rooting with vroot tool.

  • First of all download vroot.
  • Install vroot in your pc and run it.
  • Connect your device to pc with usb data cable.

    Note: usb dubbing mode must be activated.

    In the vroot you will see it china , so you just need to click on the root button that will show you in english , after clicking that button just wait for some time and that will show you message that will be in china . When it will show you message your device will be reboot and your device will be root now check your device there will be one app of superuser  that will be in chines so you need to download superuser from play store in english .
    Finally you have done it.
    Now you do any thing you want to edit in it you have full permission of it.
    Best of luck

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