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How to make vpn configuration file

Today many of internet users  are searching for how to make VPN configuration File yourself but they get fail for searching this,
Its not a difficult task to make any working configuration file in your state or area , you just need a lit
tle knowledge of internet and computer notepad to do this. Today i will tell you how you can make a VPN file for any network .
First of all, you need to download a configuration file from
Vpnbook is a site which provides free VPN configuration file. Please note the password and username from the VPN book to put it direct in VPN file and you have to change this password in every ten days when VPN book change their password.

After note the password from just open notepad and type  the user name and password there like

In first line type username then press enter and in second line type password which you have the copy from VPN book site.
After doing this save this file with .txt formate for example
you did half work perfectly.
Now you need to find a working proxy and port with 3128 or 80 you can find this proxy from
After finding  proxy, you need to find a working free homepage for your sim that will work for free in your state like for airtel you can open for free or for free.

Open the VPN file that you downloaded from VPN book extract that file by using Winrar or 7zipper.
After extracting the file open that in notepad and edit that

First find user password or author user in that file and paste the name or type the name that you save like singhalstech.txt   please note that type this after space after user password for example

auth-user-pass singhalstech.txt
verb 3
cipher AES-128-CBC
Here singhalstech.txt is a file that contains user name and password of VPN book that you save in notepad
After doing this just paste this code after clint.key
For example

key client.key
script-security 2 system
HTTP-proxy-timeout 8
HTTP-proxy 8080
HTTP-proxy-option AGENT ‘Opera/9.80 (J2ME/MIDP; Opera Mini/528.16 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 3.0 like Mac OS X; en-us; compatible; Googlebot/870; U; en) Presto/2.4.15’
HTTP-proxy-option EXT1 ‘’
HTTP-proxy-option EXT2 ‘’
redirect-gateway def1 bypass-dhcp
Please delete clint.key from here or from VPN file
After putting this code just replace host and x-online host to the free page that will open for free in your area like for airtel
Or if any sim provider offering free facebook or twitter then put that address like
And replace 8080
To the proxy that you find from
That’s it

Now save this file and put this to c:/program file/nmdvpn/config folder and try to connect them if a connection is failed then change the proxy or try another one from hide my ass.

If you have any sim like docomo that is giving unlimited facebook in just rs15 for month then you can use free net by doing that recharge and just change the to
You can make any working VPN file for any sim you just need to have one address that can open for free in your sim and one proxy from hide my ass
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If you are facing any problem in making this file you can comment here I feel happy to help you


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