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How to make partiation of your hard disk

how to make partition of your computer hard disk

 Making partition of your hard disk is a simple task I am writing this article from the request of my friend deepak rana. he ask me this question that how he can make partition of their computer hard disk partition. so without wasting your time i am telling you  how you can make partition of your computer hard disk. just  follow all the steps care fully.

first of all go to desktop of your computer and right-click on my computer there will be some options like the image just select the manage option and click OK,

After selecting the image a new window will be open there will some options just select disk management, it will take a while just wait for opening . After opening that there you will see your computer hard disk portions . Now you want to make more portions for that right-click on a hard drive from which you want partition and select shrink option. After selecting shrink option a new window will option where you need to select or fill how many mb of portion you want to make fill and select next after that you just need to click on next button on every window When it complete ,it will take a while and you have successfully done partition of your pc hard disk. You can see portion in your my computer

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