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How To Make Any app As a System App in Android Or Tablet


       Hello dear readers…!
  Today I’m going to tell you how you can install any app as a system app. There are many applications  required to install as internal or system app.
       Basically system apps are the app that are preinstalled in your phone rom. The advantage of installing any app as system is that when you restore your phone that app will not be uninstall and other all apps you installed in internal or external memory will be uninstalled.  The apps you install yourself called user app and the app that are preinstalled in your phone called system app.

Requirement for installing any app as a system app:-

1:- The first and very important thing is that. Your phone must be rooted if not then check our rooted guide.

2:- You need to have installed Latest version of Es File Explorer in your device.

3:- The application which you want to make a system app.

Setting in Es File Explorer:-

  For make any app as system app you need to give the full permission from superuser.  Follow the steps for this–

1:- Open Es File Explorer and press option button.

2:- select Tools and On root explorer option,  Super User will ask for permission click on Grant.

3:- now click on root explorer option,  a new window will open .

4:- select write in second line, it will give you full permission to write in system .

How to install any app as system:-

1:- First locate the app which you want to install as internal and copy them.

2:-  Now goto in device folder as show in image and go system/app

3:- There will be all system apps that are preinstalled in your phone rom paste the app there.

4:- Now locate that app there and select them.

5:- open options and click on permission.

6:- now unmark all last column .

7:- Just mark only first column and first option of middle column.  See in image.

8:- Now reboot your device.

       your app is now installed As system app. You can install any app as system by this method.

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