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How to make a movie in picasa

Picasa is a place where you can store your photoes and share them to blogger , google plus ,can print and also send then as  a mail to anyone. Picasa is provided by google so you can use picasa albmus in any app of google . Today i am telling you about how you can make a movie from picasa v3 application from your computer.
So let’s see how yo can do it.

There will be three options
1-from Selection…
2- From Faces in Selection…
3- From People Albums…
Select one of them after selecting you will see a new menu.
In that menu there will be three menus like movie, slide, clips etc…
Click on Movie
You will see there a option Audio Track..
If you want to add audio then click on load and select one audio file from your hard disk.
When you load audio file one more option you will see below that ” fit photos into audio, or loop ” select one of them according to your requirements.
You can also change the Dimensions toany size according to your requirement. If you are making movie for pc then select 720p – 1080p.
After doing this click on slide .
Here you can write on photoes and also can change the text colour and background colour .
You can wtire anything on every photo of movie.
Now click on clips .
Here you can add photos to your movie from your computer.
After adding photos write on them and  click on Create Movie and your movie will be created in some time.
You can also edit photos and add effects .
You can also share your photos and album to blogger, google+ etc.

of all open picasa application in your computer . when it option ,click on Create in the menu baar and select Movie .

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