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How to install custom kernel in any android phone (rooted)

how to install custom kernel in any android or tablet

       If you have any android that is allready rooted and you want to install custome kernel then this the right palace for your because today i am going to tell you how to install custom kernel in your android phone.

what is custom kernel

A custom kernel is  a set of android programs that are developed by android developers for changing the existing kernel of your phone . any one who rooted their phone always have to install their phone custom kernel . If you don’t install any custome kernel then there is no benefit of rooting of your phone.

Advantages of custome kernel.

There are many advantages of a custome kernel. generally kernel includes the boot image that control the battery backup and performance of your phone .so by using any custom kernel you can increase battery life and talktime of your cell phone and your can also improve the perfermance of your phone. If you running many programms at a time and your phone gets lang then you must have installled custom kernel because it remove it completely .There are many more features of custom kernel that you will know when you use any kernel.

Disadvantages of custom kernel.

As you allready know for installing any custome kernel your phone must have rooted which avoid your phone warrinty so the first dis-advantage of this is that avoid warrinty. If you are trying to install any kernel that is not supported by your phone then you can brick your phone so be carefull and install custome kernel that are made only for your phone.

How to install custom kernel in your phone.

for installing any custom kernel first of all download a kernel that are made for your phone.
if the file in rar or zip formate then just extract that and find the clockwork mod folder and copy that and paste in the main page of your sd card.
  Then reboot your phone into recovery mode and select backup/recovery.
then select recovery and click on ok ok and ok 
when you do it your kernel will be installed then just reboot your phone and enjoy.
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