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How to fix security certificate error while open any site

Last week i’m trying to open facebook site in chrome browser but when i hit enter it show security certificate error i’m shoked that facebook a famous site show this error then i am try in another browser like firefox and open but showing same error. Then i try to open blogger site then you know what happened it also show the same error . I really confused where is the fault then in final i got that and now im using facebook and any other sites normaly.
Then i think many more peoples can also face this error so , today i will tell you how you can fix this error

#1 reasions for this error

1. Your Computer’s date is set to a wrong
2. The Security Certificate has really expired
3. The web-site is not trustable

The first one is most important because generaly this problem occur when your computer’s date is set to wrong value. And we do not think about that so first and most important to solve this problem is to currect your computer’s date and time ,because i also faced this problem and the reasion was only incurrect date and time. When i currect it  ,i can open every site without any error

The second one is that the security certificate is really expired, as you know every site have some security certificate today and they have some expiring date , so if the admin di not update it then you will get this error.

It may also possible that , the site you are trying to open is not secure and and your antivirous or windows frameware refused the request for that site then you will get same e  rror .

Note :- please note that if you are getting this type error on any site , don’t put your persional detail and mail id because it can be harm full for you

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