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How to fix google play store Error 498

  How to fix google play store Error 498

It’s a problem related to android phone . few days ago my friend tell me that he is  unable to download anything from his android phone ,it showing ”

“error Error 498
has occurred while communicating with the
server “.

Google play store error

Because i’m also have the android so i tried to remove this problem. I tried  many times but everytime i’m fail to download anything from play store.

Then i think that many peoples have android today and may be they are also facing this problem so i am sharing this to solve this problem

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    Reasons why play store showing this error.

There  may be few reasions for this error .
1- The first and major reasion is the chache memory of your android phone, if  the chache memory of your device is less then the size of the application you are trying to download then play store show this error.

2- The second reasion of this problem is that, may be the application you are trying to download are under maintainence  on the server .

           Solution of this problem

#1  clean chache memory of your cell phone

The major reasion for this problem is the chache  size of your cell phone device . So i recomand you to please clean the chache memory of your android device by going
Now select the play store and click on clean data and chache memory.

After doing this try to download application again . If the problem was related to chache memory then your problem is solved.

#2 Try to download using wifi –

Many times there are a problem in network or the sim service provider.
So i recomand you to please try to download the application using wifi.
If the sim service gets slow then wifi can download that app.

#3 uninstall and install play store again

If you are rooted your device and facing this problem then you can uninstall the play store and install the play store again.
I also recomand you to update the play store or use the latest version of play store. 

After doing this try to download that app agai  n 

#4 add new account to play store
You can add a new account in your device. Many times account may be a reasion so i recomand you to please add one new account in your device by going setting->add new account select google and put your account id and password.
Then try again to download that app.

If your problem solve by using these methods please share your store in comment and tell us by which solution you solve your problem


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