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How To Change The Host And Password of Vpn File

How To Change the Host and Password of vpn file

Hey friends,   Today i’m going to tell you how to change the password and host of any vpn file downloaded from my site. As you know vpnbook is a free vpn provider service so it change the password after 7-10 days for their security and to maintain the traffic. When the password is changed by vpnbook you also need to change the password of your vpn file. Today i will tell you how you can do this.

Change the host and password of vpn file
Change the host and password of vpn file

How To Change The Password Of Vpn File

To change the password of any vpn file first of all you need to open the vpn file folder . There will one txt file containing the user name and password of the vpn. Open that file and you will see two lines there. The first line contain the user name of the file . Generally it’s VPNBOOK and the second line contain the  password of the file see in the screen shoot below.

To change the password of your vpn file just go to vpnbook  and see the latest password there . Note that password and put in the file .Save the file and enjoy, you have successfully change the password of your vpn file.


How To Change The Host Of  Vpn File


  Host:-  Any homepage or webpage that we can open for free called “Host” . For example for airtel you can open,, etc these called the host of airtel in free net world.

As you know hosts are changed or added time to time by airtel. As airtel is growing their company and launching new new service for their customers. So when new homepage or host come it give high speed to use free internet . SO, let’s see how to change the host of vpn file.

first of all open the vpn file folder  containing the vpn files and password file. select one file to which you want to change the password.


open that file in notepad. it will see like this


When you want to change the host of your file just change the host and x-online host show in the screenshoot and save the file.


after saving the file put this file in vpn folder and enjoy free internet.


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