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Hack Wifi :Ultimate Guide To Retrieve Saved Wireless Passwords on Android [Root]

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How are you? I hope you are enjoying our posts. I had post many articles about android and today also posting one useful article on WiFi . As you know in cities there are many wi-fi available around us and many of them, you know the password. But in some cases there is a situation when your friend know the password and he don’t want tell you but he can put the password in your phone . That Time Password is saved in your cell but you don’t know the password. Generally You can see this type of situation when you are a student and your friend know the college wi-fi password, or you are working in any company where wi-fi available and one of your friend know the password . There are many situation when the password are saved in your Android cell putted by someone but you don’t know the password. today i will tell you a simple method by which you can easily see the password that are previously saved in your android. Just read full article to know how to hack wi-fi password in android.
Hack Wifi in android
Hack WiFi: Retrieve The Wi-Fi Password

There are many applications available on the play store to see or retrieve the password of any wi-fi. but when you can do it without any application and in simple way then why go for any application. It’s not a difficult task to get saved wi-fi password just follow all the steps that i am describing .

For using this method your phone must be rooted . because you are going to access system files so you need get the full permission to access internal file. You can check our rooting guide from here.
Follow The Steps To Get The pass word

1:- You need to install ex file explore download it from play store or if you already have it then open it.

2:- Go to device memory in ex file explore

3:- Now click on data

4:- There you will see some folders select misc and open it

5:- There you will find a folder name wi-fi open it.

6:- In that folder you will see some files you need to select and open file name “wpa_supplicant.conf”
open it in notepad or html viewer . You will see wi-fi password there.
ssid=” wifi name ”
psk=” Password”

psk is your wi-fi password and ssid is wi-fi name . You can check all wi-fi pass there without any application.

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