Free Internet Guide:


Hey there, Today vpn has become a most popular source to hide your identity on the internet. There are many sites that prove free vpn service like . These vpn are very usefull to use blocked sites on your pc .


What is Vpn

Vpn stands for Virtual Private Network. This is used to change the IP ADDRESS of your pc while using internet. By Changing IP address Of your pc you can use any blocked site on your pc or you can hide your identity from internet etc . There are many advantages to use vpn on your pc. One of the most used advantage is to use free internet on your pc.  yes You hear right you can use free internet just by modifying the configuration file of the vpn . We will discuss on it later now just remember that vpn are used to hide the identity.





How To Use Free Internet Using vpn File

You can  use free internet by using vpn file. For using free internet you need to have the 4 things.

  1. A network provider Sim like Airtel, vodafone, idea etc
  2. A Working Host .
  3. An working Ip Address With Port.
  4. A Vpn software And Vpn file.

Now Lets discuss On These Elements..


1. A Network Provider Sim

A network provider sim is  a sim of any company like airtel,, idea, vodafone in which you want to use free internet. This sim is used to get a working host and to use the internet without any data plan.


2. A Working Host

A  host is a webpage , which can be open without any data pack and balance . like  in airtel we can open for free so it’s called the host of  the airtel sim. Every sim can have a free homepage which can be open for free called host.


3. A Working IP Address And Port

This  is a Ip address and port that can be gateh from . Generally vpn file support port 3128 or 80 for free internet and the  ip address must be of USA, otherwise vpn will not work.


4. Vpn Software

There are many vpn provider companies world wide. Open Vpn is the most used vpn software for Use the vpn. You can use open Vpn in your smart phone And pc to use vpn files.  if you want to use vpn in pc then NMD VPN is good for you and For android open vpn .




After getting these things you are ready to use free internet.


Free Vpn Guide to Use Internet For free

Many persons ask me to ” How to make a vpn file for free internet yourself ?” so I write a guide  on it so that you can make your own configuration file for your state. It’s so simple to make a vpn file just follow all the steps carefully described in my guide .   

You can download all time working free vpn file for airtel from here . This File is Updated after every 5 days.

After making the vpn file the problem is that “How to use this file in your pc and smart phone so i write a guide on How To use Nmd vpn for free vpn and also how to use sandwitch vpn . You can also use free internet using proxy and port , check our guide on how to use free internet in opera in pc and how to use free internet using firefox.


I also write a guide on how to use open vpn in your smart phone and how to use feat vpn in   your cell for free internet .


So enjoy Free Internet In your pc and android phone. keep visiting daily and get all working tricks here.

All Time Working Vpn File For Airtel


You can download all time Working airtel Vpn Configuration file from here (Last Updated 29  July 2015) .

And All time Working OPera mini Setting from here (Last Updated 23  July 2015) .


Note:-  Please Note That This Guide updated after every one week .