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Facebook app and messanger for low memory devices

Hello guys…
     Many of you are using low memory device , as many of my friends ask me to how to use facebook application and messanger in their mobile .
  They said that when they download facebook app from play store and run it the app gets forced closed it self. And ask me the solution for this, but don’t warry today i’m telling you the solution for this problem.

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Reasion for this problem

1- The main reasion for this is the low space in ram of your phone . Generally all low memory devices have 140-250 mb ram and there are only 80-30 mb ram free in their phone so , you can’t use facebook app.

2- low space in your phone internal memory, this also is the main reasion for this problem. Generally a low space memory device has 210-500 mb internal memory and there are need above 100+ mb only for facebook , so it’s also a reasion for this.

Solution of the problem

If you have a low memory space device and want to use facebook app and messanger in it then don’t warry .
Just download facebook app
From here
Facebook messanger
From here

These apps will work in all low space memory devices perfectly.
Or you can root your deive to solve this problem.
If you face any problem just comment here i feel happy to help you.

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