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How to download youtube video in any mobile or pc


Now don’t say that you not hear this name before. YouTube is a famous site for watching online videos.
Many of you are already using this site. On YouTube you can see any video , movie, game review, or serial.  There are also many YouTube channels related to many fields like :- technology, online course video, and funny videos. Some time you like a video on YouTube and you want to save them for permanently , but you don’t know how to download that video from YouTube. So today I will tell you how you can Download YouTube Video from You-Tube in your cell phone or in your Computer.

How to download YouTube video in pc

It’s a very simple task to download a video in your pc.

Just follow the steps :-
1:- open YouTube in your pc
2:- search for the video you want to download.
3:- click on the video which you want to download.
4:- when you click on that video it will be play .
5:- now just change the url of that video like.
If the video url is*****-***.   Then just put SS before the YouTube and after the dot like this******
6:- hit enter.
7:- one page will open there will be your video and the formats in which you want to download that video.
8:- click on the format like 720p, 360p or in mp3 .
When you click on the format the video will be download it self.


If you have  IDM ( internet download manager) in your Computer then , there will be one option on that video to download with IDM just click on that and your video will be downloaded.


You can download YouTube video download.

How to download you tube video in mobile or android

By the above method you can download YouTube video in your cell phone , by just putting ss before YouTube in the url of that video.

And android user can download tubemate to download YouTube video in their cell.


Please Note that now you can download youtube videos from your computer or android by just clicking on “VIEW OFFLINE” . This feature is officially released by YouTube. So enjoy youtube offline now.

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