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8 ways to speed up a slow computer

When you buy a new computer you  feel a good speed and performance but when you used your computer for few months or years it’s speed and performance decrease and your computer gets very slow. Now when you run your computer ,your computer work very slow or gets hang ,then don’t wary i will tell you how you can speed up a slow computer by just following these steps.

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Tips For Speed Up a slow Computer:-

Speed Up a Slow Computer


when you work on your computer generally you open many applications on many windows that are work in background ,as you know we can open many windows at a time but there will be only one window active at a time,
So you must close all unnecessary applications that are working in background because they take some amount of ram of your computer and make your computer slow.


when you close any application , on which you are working from a period of time , don’t release all memory that it was taking so you need to do a cold reboot to release full memory.
To do a cold reboot just shut down and turn on your computer or restart your computer. It will increase speed of your computer.


Recycle bin play an important role to keep the backup of accidentally deleted files , but when we delete files from our computer that are placed on recycle bin that take your computer memory and make slow to your computer , so its necessary to delete all the files of your recycle bin or the best way to speed up your computer is keep the recycle bin empty.


  Many of you installs a lot of applications on your computer to use them but when there is no need of that application you must remove or uninstall that application or program because every application take some amount of your computer memory and also ram so try to keep only necessary application on your computer.


It’s a good task to run error checking in your computer . When you keep data and files on your computer hard drive some of that files currupt or make error in the hard drive , to remove that error you must use error  checking method and remove all the errors because errors makes your computer speed slow.
For making error checking right click on my computer  and click on properties then select tools and then error checking , it takes a while to check the error  and remove them . Apply this to check the error of all your computer drive.
Note:- who have SSD don’t use this.


It’s play a very important role in boosting the  speed of your computer. Every computer user must use this to increase the performance of your computer.
For doing De-Fragment right click on my computer  and select properties, then select tools and select De-Fragment , it also takes a while to complete . When it complete press “Ok” do this process for all hard drive

Note:- SSD , don’t use it


Anti-virus keep secure your computer from virus and any files that can effect on your computer, it is the first thing you must do to install a high quality antivirus in your Computer to keep your PC secure and keep performance better of your computer


It’s also play a very important role in slow down your computer. When you run your computer for few months there will be a large number of temporary files in “temp folder” that make your PC slow. So to speed up your computer just delete all temporary files from “temp folder” .
For deleting temp files click on start and select run ,then enter %temp%  and press enter button then one window will open just select all temp files and delete them after deleting temp files restart your computer .


So here i described some methods to speed up computer  and increase the performance of it you can apply these methods in your laptop and can increase the speed of it.

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